オレンジグループは、「人の暮らしをBe happy!に」をテーマに、

We, Orange Medical&Social Services group, do not just operate home care medical services that focus on the “cure” of illness. But our focus is more on the “enrichment of life and everyday living” through medical and social services incorporated into people’s daily lives. We have four homecare clinics, daycares for special medical care kids, craft makers, and health-culutural centers and cafes in three prefectures in Japan.

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The first clinic in Fukui Prefecture, specializing in 24/7 home medical care by multiple physicians, began its activities in 2011. We share our community and lives together and savor each other’s changing lives through ongoing dialogue. Our mission is to create a better and safer society through such communication.



Orange Kids Care Lab is a place for children who need medical care. We aim to create a community where everyone can live safely with children and their families, regardless of their condition.
Our mission is not to be a user/receiver of services but to think and discuss together with children and their families and to create their growth and future together, with the support of professionals at times.



There are two health-cultural centers in Fukui City. We are building a compassionate community where residents can connect and care for each other as a place to live in the community—making the experience of cancer or being isolated more manageable for everyone.


We support people of all ages, from newborns to those with terminal cancer or intractable diseases, in their lively ways of life through home nursing activities.



The Tunagaru Clinic, which opened in 2016, is a clinic that connects medical care with the lives of users, their families, their futures, and their communities. Under the slogan of “living with the community,” provides medical care that allows users to live with us throughout their lives and feel secure.



The keyword “Let’s meet as friends doing what you love, not by symptoms, conditions, or age” represents a place of expression for all kinds of people as a “cultural center of care.” It is a community-based clinic with a large welcome kitchen, a home nursing station, a daycare for special medical care kids, atelier activities, and more.



The clinic opened in Katsuyama City, Fukui Prefecture in 2021. Under the slogan of “Encounter from the time you are in good health,” the clinic space opens as a “salon,” “cultural center,” and “gathering place.” Even in aging communities where medical care is in short supply, we provide an environment where residents can live peacefully while maintaining their lifestyle by utilizing our 24-hour home medical care and online medical services.


A team of seating and positioning specialists serving the three Hokuriku prefectures. Craftman with over 20 years of mold-making experience, knowledge of ready-made wheelchairs and sit-to-stand frames, and expertise in postural retention visit the site to directly mold and manufacture sit-to-stand devices, wheelchairs, and daily living aids tailored to each patient. We manufacture and sell sit-to-stand devices, wheelchairs, and daily living aids tailored to each patient. We have established our product standards and streamlined our production system to deliver products quickly. Belonging to the Orange Medical Corporation Group, we are highly regarded by users and their families for our access to medical advice, ease of consultation, and flexible response.



The “Maaru Cafe” was established in 2020 adjacent to the Orange Kids Care Lab in Toumyouji, Fukui City. From the famous pancakes to an authentic rice lunch and from cooking to gardening, each staff member has a wide range of interests that have given birth to many events. It is a starting point where you can enjoy various encounters.


2022年、福井市二宮「つながるベース」内にて開業。クリニック、パーソナルジムそしてカフェの一体型となった「つながるベース」で、「おいしく食べて たのしく話して 元気にまた来る。つながるって、豊かでHappyだ。」を全体のテーマとしています。

In 2022, Meets cafe opened in the “Tunagaru Base” in Ninomiya, Fukui City. At Tunagaru Base, a clinic, personal gym, and café all in one, “Eat well, have fun, talk happily, and come back again in good spirits. Connecting is prosperous and happy. The overall theme is “Connecting is Rich and Happy.


Root x Route, Inc. was launched in 2023 by a unique combination of a physical therapist, a home care clinic doctor, and a planning producer. With the corporate philosophy of “living happily and smiling,” we will accompany you while engaging in dialogue.


To an environment where everyone involved can feel “glad to have met you.” We are committed to our mission of providing highly professional, high-quality nursing care services (protecting the dignity and human rights of users and heartfelt care) when needed by the people of the Katsuyama community in Fukui Prefecture.

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